Executive Profile

Business Development

NobleShell resource Limited specialises in corporate documentation, business market survey & analysis, HR services, projects management, office productivity training, image making, sales and presentation design.

ICT & Computing

Data management & cloud services, software development, administration & technical documentation, analysing business requirements and defining solutions architecture are our core ICT and computing services.

Creative Media Arts

We have wealth of experience and report cards in the production and design of creative media arts. We dessign business and projects logotypes, wallpapers, business cards and so on. We also create videos for publicity and projects tutorials.


Meet with our founders, members of board and directors

NobleShell Resource Limited is a company formed with professionalism, dedication and quality assurance in mind, hence we bring together ladies and gentlemen of likes to ensure you have a wonderful experience trusting us with your projects.


Every board member is a professional who still currently serves as an organisational head and/or a core business lead person.